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Using EFTPS to make federal tax deposits provides substantial benefits to both taxpayers and the government.

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IMPORTANT OMB NO. 1545-0257 Read instructions carefully before completing Form 8109-B, Federal Tax Deposit Coupon.When starting a new business and hiring employees,. a business will need Form 8109, Federal Tax Deposit coupon (FTD).Do not use Form 8109-B, Federal Tax Deposit Coupon, in this situation.

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Answers to questions about the Electronic Federal Tax. for employee federal income tax (Form 941 Employer. it will ahve Federal Tax Deposit.This entry was posted in Payroll, Tax legislation, Uncategorized and tagged eftps, electronic payment, paper coupons.

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He specializes in tax and accounting issues affecting small business owners.It is used when an employer deposits money into a federal depository.

Federal Tax Deposit Coupon. follow the instructions above for Forms 941, 940, etc.These taxes are reported on Form 941, which includes federal.

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EFTPS users can make tax payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week from home or the office.

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Do not use a federal tax deposit coupon (Form 8109 or Form 8109-B).

Information about depositing taxes, tax deposit coupons, and electronic tax deposits,.The form 8109-B is known as a Federal Tax Deposit Coupon, and it is used to make deposits for payroll.Federal Tax Deposit (FTD) - Privacy Impact Assessment. (Federal Tax Deposit Coupons, Form 8109).This small business video minute discusses the purpose of Form 8109, the Federal Tax Deposit Coupon.FOR BANK USE IN MICR ENCODING Federal Tax Deposit Coupon Form 8109-B.

Taxpayers currently still using the paper coupons to make federal payroll and corporate tax payments should make plans to sign up for the EFTPS system by December 2010 to avoid last minute problems and delays when the paper coupon system is shut down December 31, 2010.

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Tax Forms defined by the leader in online payroll with Tax Forms related articles to assist.Read more about which employment taxes to be filed with EFTPS.Alternatively, taxpayers can utilize the services of a payroll processing company such as Complete Payroll, Inc. to have all payroll tax payments made electronically.IRS has issued proposed regulations which will eliminate the use of paper-based federal tax deposit coupons after 2010.